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NetComm 4G LTE Cat 1 Industrial IoT Router
Dove Code: MO6042 |
Manufacturer: NTC-221-01


Send data over the network faster while still ensuring an optimized battery life with the 4G LTE Category 1 Industrial IoT Router (NTC-220). The LTE Category 1 technology provides near ubiquitous network coverage which enables greater and faster IoT deployment. The NTC-220 is ideal for various applications from vending machines to agricultural sensors to security cameras.


12 Month Return to Base Warranty


  • Cat 1 4G LTE (10Mbps)
  • Fast ethernet port, Serial port and USB port
  • Integrated GPS for reliable asset tracking
  • Software configurable I/O ports
  • Rugged Industrial design for harsh environments
  • Ignition sense capability and a wide input voltage range for vehicular applications


Processor800 MHz ARM Cortex A8 Processor with 128MB RAM
Storage512MB Flash Memory Storage
Cellular BandsLTE FDD Bands:
Band 1 (2100MHz)
Band 2 (1900MHz)
Band 3 (1800MHz)
Band 4 (1700MHz)
Band 5 (850MHz)
Band 7 (2600MHz)
Band 8 (900MHz)
Band 28 (700MHz)

LTE TDD Bands:
Band 40 (2300MHz)

WCDMA Bands:
Band 1 (2100MHz)
Band 2 (1900MHz)
Band 5 (850MHz)
Band 8 (900MHz)

GSM Bands:
Band 2 (1900MHz)
Band 3 (1800MHz)
Band 5 (850MHz)
Band 8 (900MHz)
CellularProfile managed packet data connections
NAT Disable for framed route configuration
Transparent bridge mode using PPPoE to allow the router to transparently forward Public WAN IP address to a
downstream device
SIM Security Management (PIN configuration, enable and
Automatic and manual cellular band selection
Automatic and manual operator selection
Odometer reading available via Web-UI, CLI and SDK
Network & RoutingStatic Routing, RIP (v1/v2), Port Forwarding and DMZ
Dynamic DNS
VRRP for redundant router failover
–– DHCP Server including address reservation by MAC address
–– Custom DNS server definitions
–– DHCP Relay
–– DHCP list display in Web-UI
–– Advanced DHCP Option configuration (Option 42 NTP, Option 66 TFTP, Option 150, Option 160)
Data Stream Manager providing ability to create mappings between input and output ports (e.g. Serial Port, SMS, USB) and perform required translation or data processing by each virtual tunnel.
Modbus Server TCP/IP Gateway and Client TCP/IP Agent with up to 247 slaves connected to the Serial TCP/IP Gateway.
Modbus RTU/ASCII frames support.
VPNPPTP Client for VPN connectivity to remote PPTP VPN Server
IPSec tunnel termination (for up to 5 tunnels)
GRE Tunnelling
OpenVPN (Client, Server and P2P)
Administration & ConfigurationSecure web-based user interface (HTTPS) for full device status and configuration
Password protected configuration file backup and restore for quick device configuration and device cloning
SSH Command Line Interface for status monitoring, configuration and control
SNMP v1/v2/v3 including cellular specific MIB, config and firmware download
TR-069 Client for remote device configuration, configuration backup and restore, and firmware upgrade
SMS Client (Send/Receive) including inbox, outbox
Ping monitor watchdog (Reset connection on repeated ping failure)
Diagnostic Log Viewer (remote and local)
System Status and Security Logs
NTP Server Support for network time sync of device’s system clock
Device User Guide stored on the device and accessible via the secure web-based user interface (HTTPS)
Advanced Diagnostics and Control via SMS
–– Query status information – such as Signal Strength, WAN IP, Uptime, and many more
–– Configure device remotely via SMS – such as APN, authentication settings, and many more
Execute commands via SMS – such as reboot, reset to defaults, go offline, and many more
Secure SMS management using sender whitelisting and password management
SMS acknowledgement replies for queries and commands
Firmware ManagementFirmware Upgrade locally via LAN or remotely Over-The-Air (HTTPS, SNMP, TR-069, LWM2M)
Multiple firmware image storage on device and dynamic install
Triggered firmware upgrade via SMS (initiate download & install from HTTPS)
Software Development KitDevelop and install custom software applications
Open Linux standard development environment
Develop applications/scripting in standard ANSI C/Shell script and LUA
Package manager built into Web-UI for Application installation/removal
API (C, LUA and Shell libraries) to the unit’s internal Runtime Database to allow full status monitoring configuration and control of the device from custom applications
TemperatureModule Manufacturer’s Recommended Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +70°C Storage Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
Operating Humidity Range: 0-95%
Power SupplyPower input via 6-way termination block receptacle
Field terminable power input via screw type terminal block included
DC Power (8 - 40V DC)
1x Dedicated ignition input and 3 x I/O ports on 6-way connector (only available on some models)
Power consumption 6W, recommended DC supply via terminal block (12V 1.5A)
Vehicle compatible protection on DC Input Jack. (ISO7637 standard)
Dimensions (mm)107 (w) x 143 (l) x 34 (d)